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Our residents offer a range of services available to suit the aspiring and professional voice user.

Vocal Assessment

Would you like to meet with a voice professional to discuss your vocal goals and get advice for how our studio can help you moving forward? Our 30 minute Vocal Assessment is a fantastic opportunity to meet with our directors Tania Savelli & Katrina Ryan. During the sessions, Tania and Katrina will listen to your voice, make an assessment and recommend the appropriate course of action for your vocal journey moving forward. They can then recommend the most appropriate voice professional for your goals.

Investment: $55

Contact us to book your time. 

Private Vocal Coaching for Adults 

At Vocal Hub Creative, private singing sessions are our speciality. We have over a decade of experience in coaching aspiring and professional singers of all ages and levels. Our stunning studios are equipped with musical equipment, recording software and mirrors to enhance your learning experience. Contact us to book in a Vocal Assessment and get started.

Sessions range from $77 - $99 per hour and can be taken in 30, 45 or 60 minute increments.

For more information regarding children's singing lessons visit

Corporate Voice Training

For public speakers, school teachers, telemarketers, dance teachers, gym instructors, sales representatives and other professional voice users. Your employees will receive training on how to use their voice effectively for their job. Tone, preservation of vocal health and vocal longevity is a focus. Workshops for large and small groups and private sessions available. Contact Tania on 0421 283 973 to discuss options for your business.

Vocal Health

We have experienced professionals ready to work with you and coach you back to vocal health. Are you returning to singing after having had a vocal injury? We will work in conjunction with your health professional to ensure that your voice stays healthy with correct singing technique.


Book your Vocal Assessment to get started.

Vocal Direction

Our coaches are available to work with you on your next creative project in the studio, on the stage or on screen.  Contact us for a quote and get your cast sounding fabulous!

Singing Teacher Training

Have you always wanted to share your love of voice and singing but are unsure where to start? Receive private coaching from a coaching professional and kick start your singing teaching career. Get paid to do what you love! Book a private consultation with Tania or Katrina and get started.

Spoken Voice

Kit Withers has been teaching vocal technique to actors for a number of year. Incorporating Estill Voice Training, Kit can help you with your spoken voice goals.

Public Speaking

Be a calm and confident speaker. Tricia Karp is an experienced public speaking coach. 

Visit for more information.

Performance Anxiety Management

Melanie Smith is an experienced vocal coach, performer and qualified social worker. Overcome performance anxiety with private sessions. Contact us for more information.