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Estill Voice Training uses science to teach voice. 


EVT exercises are effective tools that will reveal the beauty in your voice. Estill Voice Training also promotes body awareness and mindfulness to give you the confidence that your voice will always be ready to respond to any challenge you may face in performance and daily life.


Replaces mystery with knowledge

Reduces performance anxiety and promotes confidence

Empowers students to make choices

Provides vocal variety for performance and daily living

Leads to a balance of vocal health and aesthetic freedom

See what our directors have to say about Estill Voice Training.


Katrina Ryan

Estill Master Trainer

"The Estill Model and certification program has given me the gift of vocal mastery. The mystery of the human voice and how it works is no longer unknown and I can be confident that the advice and instruction I give my vocal clients is of the highest quality.  

I was first introduced to Estill in University in 1991 but it was in 2001 that I commenced my study in the Estill Model. It has had a profound impact on my life and partnered with me throughout my life as a professional vocalist, singing teacher and music educator. Over the past 20 years I have seen the model become more refined and incorporate  current science, research and tools to ensure it remains at the forefront of voice science and its application around the world.   

I feel incredibly privileged to be apart of this model. It truly is a comprehensive training system with an internationally recognised gold standard certification program. In short, you need to know your stuff to be an Estill Master Trainer ! The training is rigorous and detailed and ensures that the people who teach you are masters of their own instrument and qualified to help you master yours."

2014 Estill Figure Proficiency Certification

2020 Estill Master Trainer Certification


Tania Savelli

Estill Master Trainer Candidate

"I first discovered the 'magic' of Estill Voice Training in 2009 whilst studying music full time. What I have since learnt, is that Estill Voice Training is not magic at all, but rather a voice model based 

on scientific and anatomical evidence based research and the beauty of the model is in its unique application to the singing voice. The independent control of vocal structures is something that continues to resonate with me.  I attended my first Level 1 & 2 Estill course with Helen Tiller and since that day, it has been the backbone of my career as a singer and vocal coach. 

My personal exploration of Estill Voice Training over the past 12 years has given me the gift of confidence in, what I refer to as 'vocal aural training' - having the ability to hear what vocalists are doing anatomically. It has also provided me with the tools to offer suitable and effective solutions to 

common voice issues and has given me the skills to monitor my own vocal health and grow my artistry.

I am currently in the process of gaining my Master Trainer certification and I have loved every moment of working with this voice model on my own voice and with my clients. It is truly a game changer and 

work that I hold very close to my heart. Estill has taught me the invaluable lesson of life long learning and for that I am truly grateful. I am incredibly fortunate to be a part of the Estill Voice community.

2018 Certificate of Figure Proficiency.

Currently completing CMT Phase 2.

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